In terms of Section 48 of the CSOS Act, adjudication orders are enforceable just as the Magistrate Court or High Court orders depending on the quantum or nature of relief granted in the determination.

In the event of non-compliance with an adjudication order, the party in whose favour the order has been issued, must approach the CSOS. The CSOS will provide the said party, with a copy of the Notice to the Clerk of the Court / Registrar of the Court, together with the summary of the adjudication order and a Copy of the Writ of Execution.

The party can present these to the Clerk of the Court/ Registrar of the Court in the scheme’s magisterial jurisdiction. Once the Clerk of the Court / Registrar of the Court has issued the Order, then the normal court process for the Execution of the Property will follow.

There might be instances wherein the South African Police Services are approached for the implementation of the adjudication orders, that requires a specific performance or interdict.