Dispute resolution

The CSOS provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. This entails the resolution of disputes outside of the courts. This method is often preferred as the most cost effective and speedy way of settling disputes through methods such as conciliation and adjudication.

  1. Complete the Application for Dispute Resolution
  2. The CSOS receives, registers and acknowledges new application.
  3. The Application is assessed to determine validity.
  4. If valid, matter is referred to Conciliation.
  5. Conciliation Fee – Free
    Informal Type – quick telephone conciliation
    Formal Type – conciliation hearing
    Conciliations are chaired by a CSOS Conciliator who is there to assist the parties in finding a resolution. If the matter is not resolved, the conciliator will issue a Notice of Non-Resolution and will refer the matter to Adjudication.
  6. Adjudication Fee –  Free
    Matters that are referred for adjudication will be subject to a thorough investigation prior to presentation at the adjudication hearing. At the adjudication hearing, the Adjudicator will consider all the evidence presented and will hand down a determination that is binding on all parties to the dispute.


Adjudicator orders are enforceable in the Magistrate Court or High Court depending on the quantum or nature of the relief granted in the determination.